Supporting Visual Arts

Visual art isn’t just one category; there are many sub categories that help to form the overall basis of what visual art is. The three main types of visual art are representational, abstract and non-objective. Read below to help you understand what each is.  Find out about workshops.

Creating art from fire

Fireworks can often be considered ‘visual art’. It combines the specifics of science to create colourful visual and audio effects. All fireworks are designed to ‘explode’ in a controlled way to elicits bright lights and the term ‘firework’ comes from the Greek word ‘pyrotechnics’ which means ‘fire art’. Buy low cost fireworks to help you create your own ‘art’. Click here.

Some of the most popular fireworks are chosen for the unique sounds and shapes they make once they have been set off, these include:

  • Barrage fireworks
  • Rockets
  • Catherine Wheels
  • Fountains

Creations from reality

Representational art is designed for artist to create subjects that are designed from reality and the real world, including realism, impressionism and idealism. Many times, artists combine representational with abstract art as they feel this is much more expressive of their artwork. See: Art Exhibitions.

As humans, we find it easy to recognise objects that fall under this category of art meaning it is widely accepted across nations. Read about real world art.

What is abstract art & how does it differ?

Abstract art includes the subcategories of minimalism, precisionism and cubism which is where the artists views the subject in different manner to what others do. View pieces of abstract art at the Tate. Find out more.

So, in abstract art the artist will choose from a subject that is reality, yet will view it different and will begin to create their art work based on this.