Art in the Real World

Using fibreglass as a form of art work is evolutionary. Any mould that you create means that fibreglass can follow the shape and pattern of any mould, with no issues at all. Despite any obstacles, such as sizing and design, fibreglass can perfect it. Contact us.

A gel coat solution is added to the mould, which can get into every piece of the mould whilst leaving virtually no air bubbles at all. The perfect solution to any art piece.

Durable & Resistant Materials

Fibreglass has properties which mean it is much more durable than concrete, as well as being much more attractive.

Fibreglass is more resistant than of the properties of concrete, which can end up chipping away, change in colour and can easily be damaged.

It also has high corrosion resistance, and has a longer lifetime compared to other materials.

To understand how you can create art with fibreglass, join us at one of our creative workshops.

The Intense Impact

GRP, which is otherwise known as fibreglass creates a visual impact with a flexible design structure. As well as being cost effective and has little to no maintenance.

Many retail and leisure marketing facilities has a form of application for fibreglass such as POS, merchandise displays and even customer interface furniture. Look for examples here.

Perfect For Any Space and For Anything

Due to its versatility, it can be used for both public and private spaces. Many public applications include park benches whereas private include applications within the aerospace industry.

Manufactures design any requested product to your required specifications, including the most special  touches, to make it that much more perfect.

Made For Every Modern Artist

Being an artist it can be difficult to create new ideas, with completely new materials. This is why fibreglass is perfect for everyone. Artistry services.

Combing art and fibreglass together, you can design the most exquisite pieces that are available for exhibition. From seeing that, others might contact you to create their designs.